Staff Profiles

Here’s what our current employees have to say about CCS:

Staff Profile – Elizabeth

From time to time, CCS would like to highlight the work of one of its staff. In this issue, we recognize Elizabeth, a Women Support Services Worker in our Women Support Services program. In El Salvador she worked as a social worker for children suffering from brain paralysis, before immigrating to Canada following the Salvadorian Civil War. In Canada, she worked for various employment, settlement agencies, including ACCES Employment, Malton Neighbourhood Services, and Bramption Multicultural Services.

“I have worked in many settings in different agencies. With CCS, I found the values that we have and what we stand for is what keeps me going. I want everybody to know that I am so proud to work for this agency because we do whatever we can do support and help and lead a better life in Canada.” She said in an interview. “CCS truly cares about the service that they provide. They care about the staff. They know if we are not okay, we will not be able to provide what the clients need.”

When asked what inspired her to work at a place with such a diverse clientele, she said, “So many factors, but one of them is I truly believe in equality. I truly believe that everybody is the same and deserves the same treatment and opportunities. That’s why I was so inspired to do this work and make a difference. Doing what I do, I get to work with different cultures. In the end, I can see that even though we are so diverse, we go through so many things that are the same; so, I want to contribute and help women and children to lead a lead a good life.”

To date Elizabeth has helped innumerable people over her career. Her dedication and hard work go hand-in-hand with her empathy and desire to improve the lives of those around her. CCS would like to spotlight Elizabeth’s work with the agency and thank her as she is truly supporting newcomers to thrive and make Canada their home.