Discussion Forums – Code of Conduct

The discussion forums are provided by CCS as a place for clients and members to support each other. By registering and participating in the forums, you agree to the following Code of Conduct:

The key is to respect each other.

1. Consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information

Please do not post any sensitive personal information on the forums. Also do not upload any personal documents like IDs, Passports and others.

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2. Professional Standards – No Discrimination, Harassment or Violence

All participants are expected to act in a professional and appropriate manner and must agree to not take part in any harassment, discrimination or violence with the following definitions:

* Discrimination – unequal treatment based on bias

* Harassment – comments or actions that are known to be offensive, usually regarding age, sex, race, gender identity, gender expression, disability, sexual orientation, creed

* Sexual and gender-based harassment – avoid all sexual-oriented behaviour

* Workplace violence – no verbal, written or physical violence

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All discussion form posts will be reviewed and approved by a moderator before displaying on the site. If a post is declined it will not be displayed online.

Thank you for following these rules.