Voices on the Newcomer Landscape

Episode #2

In this episode, we talk to Valentina Harper, co-founder of Caremongering (and an immigrant herself), a community group founded in Toronto on Facebook in mid-March in response to COVID-19 to share resources at a grassroots level. Listen to hear more about the group, how it came to be, and where it’s going in the future.

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Episode #1

CCS is proud to be launching a podcast, Voices on the Newcomer Landscape, with our inaugural episode debuting in January 2020.

We want to give voice to the people we’ve interacted with in the course of the work we do — newcomers, immigrants and refugees intent on making a new home in Canada and moving their lives forward.

In sharing newcomer stories, we hope listeners will appreciate hearing  diverse perspectives and stories of resilience and courage in the face of displacement and adversity.