In a special ceremony, Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) was honored with the “Community Partner Achēvment Award” by Achēv, one of the largest providers of employment, newcomer, language, and youth services in the Greater Toronto Area.

This award, designed to recognize organizations such as CCS for their unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and supporting newcomers, highlights the successful collaboration between the two entities. Together, they have been working in the Regional Municipality of Peel, making a difference for over a decade.

The CCS and Achēv partnership focuses on providing complete support to newcomers, including help with finding jobs, assessing language skills, and promoting women’s wellness. CCS has even placed their workers at four of Achēv’s centers in Brampton and Mississauga to ensure that newcomers receive prompt assistance.

Over the last ten years, the joint efforts of CCS and Achēv have transformed lives and made a real difference in the community. They’ve enabled many newcomers to start fresh in a new land, offering them vital support in a timely and efficient manner, so that they thrive in Canada.

The award ceremony was a beautiful affair, filled with the richness of various cultures and traditions. Key figures from both organizations took the stage to speak about the collaboration, including Moya MacKinnon, the Senior Vice President at Achēv. Agnes Wilczak, Senior Director of Programs & Services at Achēv, was particularly vocal in emphasizing the long-standing relationship between CCS and Achēv. She acknowledged their seamless collaboration over the years and expressed gratitude for CCS’s commitment. Reflecting on the partnership, Wilczak mentioned CCS’s swift response to settlement needs and their dedication to offering timely assistance whenever called upon. Her remarks highlighted the shared vision and mutual respect that have been the foundation of the successful collaboration.

Anita Shiwnath, a Settlement Services Manager at CCS, praised the close working relationship between CCS and Achēv. She emphasized how Achēv had been instrumental in offering job opportunities, language tests, and other crucial support to newcomers.

As the event came to an end, attendees left with a renewed sense of mission and commitment to continue helping newcomers. The ceremony served as a powerful reminder of how collaboration can create a strong support system for those starting anew in a foreign land.

The partnership between CCS and Achēv stands as an inspiring example of how working together can create lasting change. Through this collaboration, they’ve impacted the lives of many newcomers, leaving a legacy of compassion and opportunity, and contributing positively to the community they serve.