CCS has a presence in seven Canadian provinces through the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program’s battalion of nationwide trainers, but we don’t deliver programs in Quebec, so we don’t normally get much media coverage there — until recently.

CCS caught the attention of French language media for the upcoming launch of our Canadian Citizenship preparation workshops offered for the first time in French.

CCS’ Rakan Alrushud, a multilingual settlement officer and program lead, was interviewed by CBC/Radio-Canada for their Matins sans frontières flagship morning show that airs across the province.

Rakan discussed the instruction and guidance we provide to support newcomers in taking the citizenship test. It was great to hear him speaking to a French language audience that may not know much about CCS and what we do, let alone the fact we are proud of our multilingual capacity in delivering 35 programs in 38 languages.

“Helping newcomers at all stages of their settlement in Canada is at the centre of attention of every settlement services’ provider. I am honoured I had the pleasure to talk about these services, particularly in the area of Canadian citizenship, with Radio Canada,” Rakan said.

Workshops will run over four consecutive days beginning on May 18, with classes scheduled for two hours each day, including a focus on the test and application process. To our knowledge, CCS is the only settlement services provider in the GTA offering this program.

LISTEN>>>check out Rakan’s 8-minute interview that aired on April 22. (Spoiler alert: he sounds great!)

Radio Canada also ran an article about the program on its website.