You may have noticed a different look and feel to the CCS website today. We have made a number of changes to better serve our clients and showcase our impact and I’m excited to share them with you. Since 1954, CCS has been privileged to serve immigrants and refugees who have come to call Canada home. We have always strived to tailor our offerings to best respond to the emerging needs of the diverse communities we serve. We felt our website should reflect this thinking too.

First and foremost, we wanted to simplify the website, make it easier for newcomers to navigate the homepage and improve their experience with us. As you can see, we now have four prominently-placed windows depicting our core focus areas to guide our clients as seamlessly as possible. In fact, when they “hover” over any window, a pop-up text box emerges to describe the focus area’s programs and services. Users can also select their language of choice and the information is automatically translated. And once they click into a window, they are then brought to a landing page and sub-pages with more information on the focus area they selected.

Key Homepage Highlights

  • Dynamic interface – more interactive and better use of brand colours
  • Automatic translation functionality in over 30 languages
  • Accessible calendar of programs and services and events listings
  • Streamlined navigation bar menu
  • Regularly updated slider with news, updates and program information
  • Display of key metrics to illustrate program and service impact
  • CCS Twitter feed running in real time
  • Prominently-placed social media buttons

Heightened Emphasis on Sharing Stories of Change and Impact   

For the past six decades, we have focused on providing a welcoming environment in building people’s strengths, nurturing their talents, and helping them to grow. Now more than ever, we feel strongly about sharing their stories with the many of you who have been with us along this journey of settling newcomers to our country.

We’ll showcase how our programs drive positive outcomes for our clients and celebrate their successes.  We’ll explore how we are deepening relationships with the communities we serve, and our partners, funders and donors. We’ll outline how we are providing leadership on immigration and settlement, locally and globally, through research and evidence-based practices.

It takes a lot of time and energy to launch a new website. We would like to thank all the CCS employees who provided feedback on the multiple design mock-ups and Nadia Afrin, Salman Khatri and Darcy Bonner for working with web developers from Giant Step Digital Media Marketing in coordinating and integrating the input and building a contemporary interface.

On behalf of the entire CCS team, we hope you enjoy our refreshed CCS website.  If you have feedback you would like to share, we would love to hear from you at