Settlement and Integration Services

Need assistance settling in Canada?

Our settlement support services assist newcomers of all ages to adjust and integrate into Canadian society and connect with helpful community-facing resources. We offer many individual support and group sessions in over 30 languages.

Services available include:

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Settlement Services

Individual assessment of newcomer settlement needs and the development of a detailed, personalized settlement plan.

Ongoing case management is based on a holistic and collaborative approach and is centred on the newcomer and family’s wellbeing and settlement needs.

Information sessions to help newcomers develop an understanding of life in Canada, Canadian culture and traditions, and their rights.

Group activities about the essentials of youth leadership. (not in Peel Region locations).

Women networking groups to build supportive social networks and share information and helpful resources. (not in Peel Region locations).

Accessible community services in the areas of health, housing, education, childcare, employment, finance, immigration, language learning and legal supports.

Help with understanding and completing government forms and applications.

Connections to volunteer opportunities.

Assistance in preparing for the Canadian citizenship test.

Support with issues in relation to ongoing settlement and integration needs of newcomers and their families.

Community service programs for women, such as one-on-one and group activities, to assist them in establishing social networks to address isolation challenges and develop the skills needed for employment. (not in Peel Region locations).

Adjusting to a new country is stressful. Most newcomers face emotional challenges due to the stress of the immigration and settlement process. Our Crisis Intervention service in Peel Region locations offers counselling to individual newcomers, couples and families facing settlement challenges. Through individual sessions and educational workshops, newcomers will receive the support and tools needed to manage the challenges of everyday life, including how to handle stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, family conflict, trauma and other life transitions, such as parenting. 


Services are provided at our main CCS locations, as well as in libraries, community centres and our partner organizations.

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