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Good English language skills make it easier for newcomers to settle in Canada, find jobs, access services, meet new people and get their Canadian citizenship.  It’s a core element of the settlement experience and crucial for integration.     

CCS provides free English language classes from beginner to advanced language levels for permanent residents, convention refugees and live-in caregivers. This program is called Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC). Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening at multiple locations. The following support services are offered through the LINC program to complement the in-class instruction and make the offering more comprehensive.   

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Bus tickets for qualified participants/students.

Free childminding services for children of qualified participants/students who are 8 months to 6 years of age may be available depending on space.

Free summer programs for school-age children, from 7-12 years of age, are available at some locations for qualified participants/students.

A Family Literacy Program, which includes helpful activities, is available to help newcomers and their family members continue English language learning at home.

Before registering in a LINC class, a language assessment needs to be completed by booking an appointment at the following Language Assessment Centre in: 

YMCA Toronto: 416-925-5462 

TCET Mississauga: 905-949-0049 Ext. 1369 


LINC Classes are offered in Scarborough, Mississauga and Brampton.

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